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18. 01. 2013

Mali: What’s the Deal and How it Affects Niger

Ok.  So, the quick and dirty of what’s been happening in Mali since early 2012 and how it might affect Niger: The Tuareg, a traditional nomadic-pastoralist Berber people of the Saharan interior, have long...

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17. 01. 2013

Maps: Niger is not Nigeria (but it’s close!).

The purple pin is Maradi, the city in southern Niger where I will be based.

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17. 01. 2013

Niger: on the net

  Here are a few useful links on Niger. I will keep adding more as I come across particularly informative or interesting sites! Basic Information: CIA World Factbook (basic demographics) Wikipedia Niger the...

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16. 01. 2013

About Me

Hi! I am Ali Heller, a Ph.D. Candidate in socio-cultural anthropology at Washington University in Saint Louis. This year I will be keeping this blog to document the adventures, misadventures, frustrations, and successes...

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